Sunset Ritual

Thank you
Thank you Sun
Thank you Earth
Thank you Universe
I accept everything as it is
I accept everything as it will be
I take everything
I give everything
I love everything
As I move through the firmament
I accept everything
I accept

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The Lovers

On a corner, May 1992
A London Circus
Miasma of traffic and people
Oblivious to oblivion
A Tower of Records
Forming the backdrop
To a memory I would not lose

The lovers
Isolated in scented mystery
From the world
Hidden in plain sight
Abandoned to destiny
Completely immersed
In each and every sense
Eternity and polka dots
And a happy inner hippy

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Monkey Mind

Occupying that zone
In the middle of the mind
Between memory and fantasy
The bit that says now
And here and be
Which in any case
Is the natural habitat
Of every other creature
And tree and stone
There is a monkey
It’s a boy monkey
It wants to be loved
It wants to be held
It wants to breathe
It wants to be at peace
And it proclaims all these things
In a very loud voice
Sometimes into the darkness
Sometimes in time to music
Sometimes in poetry
The monkey mind is scared
And it is excited too
It wants it all now
And it gives it all away
It has a thing or two
To learn
And some work
To do

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In the early morning
When the only sounds
Were the awakening birds
The distant footering of careful nursing
The breathing of the ventilator
I sat with you
I held you
I stroked you
Perceiving for you
On your behalf
The incomprehensible
The end of everything
As you drifted away
As you forgot life
As you let go

Brought home
To where everyone comes from
To where everyone goes
Into the void
Into stillness

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Joy Division

I see the sun
There is warmth
Happiness too
The world is spinning
People laugh
I see the baby animals play
There is peace in the growing of the tree
And the roots that reach into the earth
Where the kindness of stones
Gets sucked in with assorted juices
To become beauty anew
I feel your love
And the gift of your concern
And I hear the wisdom you would like to be mine
For which, with arms opened to reveal my heart
I say “Thank you”
I feel stuff
I can laugh
Ten months and one week on
I recall those wedding words
“The future’s so bright
I’ve got to wear shades”
It’s joy Jim, but not as we know it

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The One Big Everything

On the eve of turning 52
I read Alan Watts and realise
That everything is indivisible
I am fooled by my dualistic culture
A complex intellectual smokescreen
That hides Western thinkers
From the ultimate truth

But I have been divided
Cleaved in fact
Perhaps my perception is still stuck
Back in the other universe
Where there was a future
That was predictable
And loving
But wrong

I would if I could
Gather again the fruits I had lost
Because I thought they had rolled away
Over the misty bridge
Apparently not dividing
Existence from non-existence
Even if only to smell their scent
Briefly on the breeze
Drummed to me by authentic words
Around the fire

Instead, I will empty my heart
Yet again
Into the Well of Grief
And fill up with sacred waters
A wet birthday gift
Enough for 52 years
Becoming immersed into
The One Big Everything

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The Infinite Wild Ever

In this place of rest
There is a gentle peace
Of very still repose
That goes on and on

Embraced by clay
And covered in bark
Witnessed by birds
And hares
And frogs
And growing trees
And Scottish sun
That rains from the skies
There is a wildness
That becomes renewed
Each time a hole is filled

The dream of life
Is held in that other embodiment
As whispered words of love
Echo more distantly across reality
Where they slowly
Every so slowly
Drip increasingly quietly
Through six feet
Into the infinite
Wild ever

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