The Hum of The Universe

We persist

As the Seed of Life has persisted

Condensed from Itself

That Love you feel

Is an ancient Love

Older than the hills

13.82 billion years

We are in the Fabric

The Mesh of Everything


And still we persist

Through each moment

A fractured continuity

That feels apart

Yet is not

A paradox of Now

That seems different from Then

Yet we are One

We are deeply connected

Because we are the same

There is no It

There is no Them


And so, persist

Breathe into each moment

Allow the Substrate

Beyond all thoughts

Through all feelings

Simply notice, and accept

That there is a Hum

That Hum is You

It is the Hum of Life

Of Love

It is the Hum of the Universe


About strongchest

Initiated Man
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