The One Big Everything

On the eve of turning 52
I read Alan Watts and realise
That everything is indivisible
I am fooled by my dualistic culture
A complex intellectual smokescreen
That hides Western thinkers
From the ultimate truth

But I have been divided
Cleaved in fact
Perhaps my perception is still stuck
Back in the other universe
Where there was a future
That was predictable
And loving
But wrong

I would if I could
Gather again the fruits I had lost
Because I thought they had rolled away
Over the misty bridge
Apparently not dividing
Existence from non-existence
Even if only to smell their scent
Briefly on the breeze
Drummed to me by authentic words
Around the fire

Instead, I will empty my heart
Yet again
Into the Well of Grief
And fill up with sacred waters
A wet birthday gift
Enough for 52 years
Becoming immersed into
The One Big Everything


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