Thank you to a friend

I thank you
From my heart
You were so kind
And you cared
So very much
With your easy smile
And your beautiful eyes
You opened yourself to me
As I opened myself to you
So that we helped each other
Through life’s weird and messy path
We deepened together
And laughed at shit
That was old and painful
And new and terrifying
And the cuddles helped
Lots of lovely cuddles
Cradling each other
And gently stroking
Impossibly soft hairs
Surrounded by
Containing compassion
And the Eternity
Of acceptance
And when you died
I couldn’t go on
I was stunned into the space
Between realities
By pain beyond description
That led to descent
Into a well of grief
I needed to feel
The love that lived
In the vacuum of your loss
That brokenness
Cracking me wide open
Was complete
So that I dropped
Into a cosmic mystery
With one other occupant
And though
We were not ready
And it was too soon
We held on
To each others
Shining light
For long enough
To stop falling apart
And for that
And for her wisdom
For her love
And for her pain
I thank her
I thank you both
Two good people
Across two Universes


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