Not Dead

My hot tears dropped
Onto your closed eyelids
It was as though
You were crying
I felt your body
For the last time
Cold and stiff
And still beautiful
Wrapped in your dress
Cotton padding visible
Closing the wound
Where the surgeon
Had removed
Your heart
You were

I’m lying in bed
Listening to an owl
At 3:00 am
I remember burying you
With lots of love
In your basket
With my poem
And the Skye Boat Song
I have visited you
Looking for your ghost
Which never appears
You are,
My love,

In this other universe
I honour you
I remember you
I treasure
And celebrate you
By living
You who loved life
I know you would
Want me to know
I am definitely
Not dead


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Initiated Man
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One Response to Not Dead

  1. As you live, fully present, with consciousness and open authenticity, you are definitely not dead. This is a beautiful and loving tribute.

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