When Someone Beautiful Dies

The World is shocked
People cry
Nothing seems real
People can’t believe
Everything stops
People gather
Life ends
People make tea

The numbness and disbelief break
People are kind
The wailing begins
People understand
Waves of unendurable pain
People are loving
The end of everything is apparent
People make tea

The weeks and months of mourning are slow
People check up on you
Loneliness is a whole new category of pain
People can empathise
Meaninglessness becomes a philosophy
People listen
Time becomes very weird
People make tea

The world keeps spinning
People are busy
Seasons change
People have lives
The Universe is watching
People don’t realise
Change is possible
People don’t notice

Someone loving comes along
People know that is theoretically possible
Someone else with pain and grief
People expect your grief
Someone who understands your loneliness like her own
People expect your loneliness
The Universe has played this game on humans many times
People get a surprise

New love has its own song
People may hum along
The tenderly embraced heart feels held
People may have some concern about your vulnerability
The future seems possible again
People may imagine
Love knows how to love as the wind knows how to blow
People can see with their own eyes
Then they make tea


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