Here, Now and Forever

It really is true
That I loved every hair on your head
Because I came across
A single one
Hidden where the cleaner
Could not be arsed to sweep
Waiting to ambush
My wounded bleeding heart
And it was as though
I found you
And lost you again
In an apocalyptic recapitulation
Of the moment
Our universe ended
And I was thrown
Tumbling, without your hair
And without any other part of you
Not even the whiff of you
Into this travesty of reality
We call here
And now
And forever


About strongchest

Initiated Man
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4 Responses to Here, Now and Forever

  1. strongchest says:

    Thank you Erin. Much appreciated.

  2. Jamie says:

    Your poetry packs a punch way above its weight Sandy. Thank you for this.


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