The Place You Disappeared

I’ve been staring
At the place you disappeared
Across The Bridge, that fades very quickly
So that you can’t see the other side
Sometimes I’ll park myself
And keep vigil
Watching and waiting
Mindful of the emptiness

Eventually I have to turn my back
And get on
With Things That Need To Be Done
Then I’ll return and peer again
Squinting into the mist,
I call your name
I beseech you to return
To visit me, even as a ghost

I have the abandoned hope
Of those who despair
It is the most forlorn foundation
For any system of thinking
There is only a fag paper
Between this and madness
To be so attached to a dead person
To keep peering across The Bridge


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One Response to The Place You Disappeared

  1. “… only a fag paper between this and madness…”


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