Magnificent Seed

I’m ready my love
But I’m not going to bury you
I’m going to plant you
Like a magnificent seed
Your beautiful body
Will be transformed
Into an oak tree
At one
With the energy of the Earth

You knew
That you are made of energy
That you are connected to everything
And because of quantum strangeness
You are everywhere at once
And always will be

Your energy can never be destroyed
Will never be corrupted
Will always be with us
Beaming out
The love of the Universe
A cosmic radio transmitter
Who had size 5 shoes

The colour of your energy
Is the colour of love and kindness
Of compassion and beauty
Of creativity and intelligence
Of laughter and friendship
Of integrity and honesty
Of strength and wisdom
Of resilience and vulnerability

Grow now my love
My true love
Grow into your tree
Grow into the Earth
Grow into the Universe
Be released
Be transformed
Be renewed
Until we are reunited
In the energy of love
At The Bridge


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One Response to Magnificent Seed

  1. Stanley Rogers says:

    Hi Sandy,

    Thinking of you and the boys today. Sorry can’t be with you as Bridge of Alen is a long way from rural Suffolk. Death and funerals are never easy times as they create a physical gap in your life. But remember Fara’s spirit will live on with you and the boys as you look back and eventually forwards to the future. The words of the poem express my feelings as well as yours about events of recent days. Stay strong, Stanley

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