Living just below
The surface
Sometimes coming out
For a breather
And a look around
Is my Inner Hippy
Watching and listening
To everything I do
And everything you do
My Inner Hippy
Knows about love
Because it saw me
Watching Woodstock
It listened to me
Listening to CSN&Y
And John Lennon
And Janis Joplin
And it felt the hugs
You gave me
When you looked
In my eyes
And told me
You loved me
My Inner Hippy
Felt it
As I felt it
As I still feel it
As I will always feel it
When you kissed me
When you made love to me
When you laughed with me
When we ran together
When I stroked your back
When we lay in the sun
When we watched our boys sleeping
When we found our sacred place
When the sun set on us
My Inner Hippy got charged up
With love
And now
My Inner Hippy
Feels me
Feeling my pain
It watches as
The tears of love
Roll down my cheeks
Again and again
And it sees
Your tears too
My love
Just as it sees
Your eternal smile


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Initiated Man
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