Taking Stock

The world is over-populated
Increasing exponentially

The oil is running out: if they find more
It’s climate disaster anyway

Drinking water is polluted with medicines and nano-particles
While the sea is an over-fished rubbish dump

Food is genetically modified
To make farmers dependent on pesticides

Capitalism is making people poorer
And now we are all ‘The Product’

Loans have made us all slaves
To the system and The Man

Religion is a big corporation
Covering up it’s sleazy tracks

The Government is spying on us
Now Facebook is listening in

Children play with loaded guns
And misogyny leads men to kill

When we make food or drink ‘choices’
We’re controlled by loyalty points and ‘offers’

Shops and shopkeepers have disappeared
Replaced by store employees a car ride away

The economy is based on a dangerous myth
Of continual perpetual growth

Europe is xenophobic
While pretending we all get on

Climate change has already happened
While we disagree on how to prevent it

The Amazon is a sawmill:
The World’s lungs have been surgically removed

Children are sexualised early
4G porn is on their phones

The news is heavily spun
Because the truth is too fucking scary

The public vote for a political class
That will only court the privileged few

War is waged by devout believers
Of religions espousing peace

Species are forever lost
Ecocide is the norm

We buy palm oil soaps and shampoos
While bemoaning the end of the orang-utans

Bacteria and viruses are mutating
Medicine has paradoxically made us vulnerable

Life and emotion are pathologised
By Big Pharma to sell us drugs

While we stupify our brains
With screen time and celebrities

Democracy is an ironic joke:
We didn’t vote for any of this shit.

Dear Brothers and Sisters
I hug you and bless you

In the midst of all this fear and confusion
I see you clearly

Love, kindness, compassion and the sacred
Kings, Warriors, Magicians and Lovers

Wounds, brokenness, descent and grief
Vulnerability, Zeus energy, sharing and Mystery

Drumming, fire, Iron John and ashes
Initiation, woven from hard earned gold

And so
It is time now to stop.

Our quiet, acquiescent consumers
Must buy into this psychotic charade no more

Who else can save humanity from itself
But Brothers and Sisters on the Planet right now?

If we love our Quest deeply enough:
The forest and the mountain will find us

We can protect the only Earth
We will ever have

Our children will have a home
And a life worth living in it


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Initiated Man
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