The First Standing Stones

Awe Man, Ah bloomin love these stones
Aye Man, they’re bloomin awesome
Ah jist love their bloomin power! Dji know what Ah mean?
Aye Man, they’re bloomin ancient

Awe Man!
Whit is it?
Ah’ve goat this bloomin brilliant idea!
Whit is it, whit is it?
It’s bloomin awesome!

The Wimmin’ll hate it but the Men’ll bloomin love it!
Whit is it, whit is it?
We’ll get the biggest bloomin stones we can find
And we’ll spend the next hundred years
Pointing them straight at the bloomin sky!

Awe Man! You’re a bloomin genius!
Aye. We’ll channel the bloomin energy Man.
Awe Man. That is such deep shit.
The stones’ll be bloomin awesome, Man.
Aye. Braw.


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Initiated Man
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