Men, Awaken!

Men, awaken!
The time has come!
The place is here!
The Universe is ready!
This is your sacred moment!
I am so glad we have you among us!

Stand in your own authority, and lead the way
Do not wait to be asked – do not wait to be told
Become yourself, your stellar sacred core
Whose inspiration burns inside
Illuminating the hearts and minds
Of those who orbit your glowing strength

Grip the iron spear of your resilience
Go deep into the heart of your Forest
Find the sacred well filled with ancient blood
Find the Brothers and Sisters with whom you will join
Know the people, the community, the Earth
You will protect with your love, your life

That weird magic you carry within you
That sacred knowledge, Mystery given
That overwhelming strength of character
Created, honed, specialised by you
Now will bear its fruits! Now will feed us all!
Use it wisely dear Brother, and find your apprentice

Born of this Earth, creature of Nature
Know the sacred covenant you have with air, water and soil
Find your roots and strip them bare of all their coated guff
Absorb all that you can of beauty, in every moment
Because this is what you are; this is what there is
This deep and perfect love will sustain your Quest


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Initiated Man
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