The Deep Awesomeness of Men

The dolerite substrata
Layered beneath the Barn
Hard whinstone foundations
The perfect platform
For men to break

There is an awesomeness of men
That runs way deep
Vertically charged by Earth
Laterally energised by Love
Inwardly fuelled by Grief

Drink them in, these brothers
Ingest their truth into your dreams
Let their authentic wisdom soak
Cleansing through your senses
Illuminating your own, deep awesomeness




About strongchest

Initiated Man
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2 Responses to The Deep Awesomeness of Men

  1. Brilliantly described. I’ve long been a great fan of the deep awesomeness of men.

  2. strongchest says:

    Thank you. I wrote this after spending 5 days in a preparation event for this years Men’s Rites of Passage in Perth, Scotland, with some of the most authentic men out there. Two of the brothers were from Texas. They changed my life – that’s when I started writing poetry.

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