Once, I had a little car
I thought it was lovely
All curvy lines
And shiny gloss
I washed it
And polished it
And admired it

Something invested
Beyond true value
Or true beauty
Symbolic maintenance
Of pristine exterior
Hidden, deep
Unknown shadow
Brittle shell of paint

One day
In a car park
Far, far away
A jarring bump
Unraveled my comfort
I could not bear to feel
The perfect scratch
On my awareness

I sold the car
Very quickly indeed
Bought another
But the scratch persisted
I’d have it still
If my paint had not
Been sandblasted off
By 5 days of initiation

Now my car
Is a mosaic of scratches
I wear them all
Painted in red
These little wounds
Giving me strength
Revealing my deep




About strongchest

Initiated Man
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