Living just below
The surface
Sometimes coming out
For a breather
And a look around
Is my Inner Hippy
Watching and listening
To everything I do
And everything you do
My Inner Hippy
Knows about love
Because it saw me
Watching Woodstock
It listened to me
Listening to CSN&Y
And John Lennon
And Janis Joplin
And it felt the hugs
You gave me
When you looked
In my eyes
And told me
You loved me
My Inner Hippy
Felt it
As I felt it
As I still feel it
As I will always feel it
When you kissed me
When you made love to me
When you laughed with me
When we ran together
When I stroked your back
When we lay in the sun
When we watched our boys sleeping
When we found our sacred place
When the sun set on us
My Inner Hippy got charged up
With love
And now
My Inner Hippy
Feels me
Feeling my pain
It watches as
The tears of love
Roll down my cheeks
Again and again
And it sees
Your tears too
My love
Just as it sees
Your eternal smile

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The Hum of The Universe

We persist

As the Seed of Life has persisted

Condensed from Itself

That Love you feel

Is an ancient Love

Older than the hills

13.82 billion years

We are in the Fabric

The Mesh of Everything


And still we persist

Through each moment

A fractured continuity

That feels apart

Yet is not

A paradox of Now

That seems different from Then

Yet we are One

We are deeply connected

Because we are the same

There is no It

There is no Them


And so, persist

Breathe into each moment

Allow the Substrate

Beyond all thoughts

Through all feelings

Simply notice, and accept

That there is a Hum

That Hum is You

It is the Hum of Life

Of Love

It is the Hum of the Universe

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Parents’ Evening

On a night like this
Moon on the way home from work
Driving into grief

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Thank you my love
Thank you for your gifts
Thank you for 21 years of marriage
Thank you for the tender safe haven of your womb
That carried forth our two boys
Thank you for the gift of family
Thank you for your patience
Thank you for your support
Thank you for your laughter
Thank you for your smile
Thank you for your joy
Thank you for your creativity
Thank you for your feminine energy
Thank you for your elegance
Thank you for your warmth
Thank you for your embrace
Thank you for your sensuality
Thank you for filling my senses
Thank you for your hard work
Thank you for your effort
Thank you for your endurance
Thank you for your brokenness
Thank you for your vulnerability
Thank you for your tears
Thank you for your kissing away my tears
Thank you for your wisdom
Thank you for your gentle intelligence
Thank you for your guidance
Thank you for your disagreements
Thank you for knowing that you were right
Thank you for letting me be right sometimes
Thank you for helping me grow
Thank you for helping me break
Thank you for caring
Thank you for your compassion
Thank you for your kindness
Thank you for seeing the goodness in me
Thank you for giving me so many memories
Thank you for looking in my eyes
Thank you for loving me
Thank you for letting me love you
Thank you for the gift of you

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The Wisdom of Insecurity

Embracing the promise
Of an unexamined life
And knowing the strength
Only vulnerability can bring
The butterfly surrenders
To the quince scented breeze
As soft and sweet
As a lover’s gently exhaled kiss
That lifts her wings
So that she can fly
Into the free unknowing air
With felt sense
And an ancient knowledge
Of the truth within the mystery
That love is the path
To bring you home

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Unexamined Fruit

Be alert
And awakened
To what is being shaken
From your tree
Examine the fruit
of possibility
Be alert and awakened now!
Do not go hungry
There is plenty
For all to eat

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Let Your Heart Dream

Let your heart dream
Like the dreams of a bench
That loves to be beside the seaside
Recalling times of mum and dad

Look out onto the generous tide
Massaged and kissed
By quince scented sunshine
And find yourself within that warmth

All of this is what it is
Rehearsed in some letter to the Universe
Written by a hand that decides to trust
The ancient hope of love

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A Picture From The Beach

An old woman
Guiding her frail husband
Out of the waters
With secure arms on shoulders
Walking backwards to the future
Both laughing at eternity
Their eyes never wavering from each other
Perhaps they never have
As they dance this slow waltz once again
Deeper and deeper
Into the shallower unpredictable now

I love them
And thank them
As a young couple
Take their place
Tender soft hands
Gentling the unborn heir
To the sun

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